FAQ for Businesses
Great South Coast DAMA

FAQ for Businesses

Who can sponsor prospective workers under the GSC DAMA?
Businesses with well-established operations in the GSC region for a minimum of 12 months. Find out more about How Businesses are Assessed as being eligible

Can businesses sponsor prospective workers currently residing overseas under the GSC DAMA?
Yes. Employers can sponsor workers both residing in Australia or overseas from any country.

How long is the process time for the GSC DAMA application?
The GSC Designated Area Representative (DAR) endeavours to complete processes within 7-10 working days. However, if businesses have not supplied all necessary information required to make a decision the process will take longer. The Department of Home Affairs determines its own processing times.

Does the labour market testing apply under the GSC DAMA?
Yes, find out more about How Businesses are Assessed as being eligible.

Does the Skilling Australian Fund levy apply under the GSC DAMA?
Yes, for more information read the Skilling Australia Fund page.
You can calculate the levy payable through the following link.